Welcome to Holborn Piano Services, your one-stop destination for all your piano needs in the London area. We specialize in piano moving, disposal and all piano related services.

At Holborn Piano Services, we take pride in providing top-quality services that cater to your piano’s every requirement. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of workmanship, ensuring your piano is always in its best condition.

Piano Services

Piano Removals

If you’re relocating or need a piano moved to a different location within your home, our expert team can assist you with safe and efficient piano removals.

Piano Disposals

For pianos that are beyond repair, we provide eco-friendly disposal services, ensuring the processes comply with the appropriate environmental regulations.

Piano Tuning

Whether you need regular maintenance or have a piano that hasn’t been tuned in years, we offer professional piano tuning services to make sure your instrument sounds its best.

Piano Repairs and Restorations

From small repairs to major restorations, our team is ready to bring your piano back to its former glory and ensure a long-lasting, beautiful instrument.